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FOLI Center is a modern trade and administrative complex. Its address is 12, Patriarch Evtimii Street (map), and is across Bulgaria Hotel. The complex is recognized by its highly technological design and functionality. The building is developed on five over-ground and one under-ground levels. The total built-up area is 2300 sq. m., 800 square meters of which are trade areas, 900 square meters are offices, and 500 square meters are an under-ground parking lot with 14 parking places.

The luxury trade center takes the ground and the first floor. It includes 17 boutiques with areas of 14 sq. m. up to 17 sq. m., and a cafe with 25 seats. The design of the trade complex is related to the central entrance. The two trade levels are incorporated by a common interior space where the escalators are installed. The second level is developed into a gallery.

The shops are open to the common space at their maximum in order the visitor feel himself absolutely free.  The main accent in the interior of the trade center is the skilful combination of materials. Inox material and high-quality white and black granite accomplish the design of the floor and the eight central columns, supporting the fundamental space.  

The columns end with capitals (16 capitals in total) at each level, and are made of an impressive stone, alabaster, having the feature to let through the light. Thus, these elements besides their decorative function, play the role of art lighting. Alabaster lighting "lumps" decorate also the rails, presenting a combination of glass and metal, and three constructions of the suspended ceiling. The natural colour of the alabaster constructions, especially made for the project, spontaneously gives the interior classic and modern vision, additional individuality and uniqueness.

The floor covering is decorated by Inox metal elements, which emphasize the contrast between the main featuring materials - metal, glass and granite. The sheer lighting spiral, falling down from the ceiling, aims to fill out the space between the two levels, and put an accent over the walking line, which is a connection between the two levels, and contrast with the orthogonal composition of the trade center.

Cable TV, Internet, telephone connection and a fire alarm system are installed in each shop. All shared areas are under the observation of recording security cameras.

The central air-conditioning and ventilation system provides constant temperature and fresh air during the whole year. Professional HI-FI technical equipment wires for sound all trade areas. The lighting systems are PHILIPS.

Each of the last three levels is designed with three office areas. The approach to them is through a shared lobby at the ground floor and a separate entrance.

The communication between the levels is accomplished by a staircase, designed with dark grey granite, and a luxury elevator for 8 persons, which is also adapted to wheel-chairs and operates for all six levels of the building, including the trade area.  

Video and intercom system and an electric lock at the entrance control the access to the office levels. HI-FI technical equipment wires for sound all shared areas as well. The floor covering is made of colorful granite. DAIKIN Invertor air-conditioners provide heating and cooling in the areas. There are cable TV, LAN internet, signal security technical equipment, a fire alarm system and a switchboard system in each office area.

There are 1 or 2 parking places on the under-ground level for each office with an entrance in Otets Paissii Street. The building is monolithic and built up by scaffolding, non-beam grid system and a flat roof. The exterior walls are made of bricks covered by heat insulation, and the non-supporting ones - by cellular-concrete blocks. Suspended façade construction, made with attractive treatment by OIKOS Company, contributes to the modern vision of the building. All window and door frames are made of Exalco aluminum profiles and dual-pane windows with a thermo-insulating profile. The entrance door of the trade center is fully automatic and sliding.

Technical information and floor areas preview

Green West

The project is developed over 5000 sq. m. area, 3891 sq. m. of which are regulated land property and the rest, approximately 1100 sq.m. are estimated to be a parking lot in front of the complex.

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