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Today’s Bulgarians invite you visit their nation. And they especially encourage you to travel to the mystical and magical Rhodoppi Mountains. There, you’ll find Chepelare, the town with the highest altitude in Bulgaria, at just over 1 100 m altitude. Chepelare is situated on both sides of the river Chaya or, in Bulgarian, the Chepelarska, river. The town is surrounded with magnificent pine forests and alpine meadows. 6,000 fortunate people live there.

The clean air and tranquility of Chepelare attract visitors in winter as well as in summer. Its 120 days of great snow and skiing give way in the spring to warm and sunny days. The summer never gets too warm, so the climate is perfect for hiking, exploring nature, and perhaps, meeting the singer Orpheus. Then, as the leaves change color and fall, winter returns, the fireplaces are lit, and the joyous time of holidays and winter sports is renewed.

Chepelare is only 10 km north of the holiday resort of Pamporovo and is a mere 75 km south of Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second largest metropolis. The short distance to Pamporovo allows visitors an opportunity to satisfy their needs for a more city - like experience, and then to return to Chepelare, eager for its charm and way of life.

Not that Chepelare is without modern conveniences. It has them all, and also has some of the best ski runs in Europe, the total length of which comes to 28 km. There’s a slope to fit every skill level, from beginner to Olympian, and they’re suitable for skiers and ‘boarders alike.

The most famous ski center at Chepelare is “Mechi Chal”, just 1 km from the town. Mechi Chal has two great ski runs – “Mechi Chal 1” /3 200 m length/ and “Mechi Chal 2” /5 200 m/ and they’re world-class. The ski runs are served by a two - chair lift with a capacity of 800 people per hour.

Mechi Chal’s slopes have hosted international competitions, downhill and biathlon. But they’re not just for the highly skilled. Beginner’s and intermediate areas are well-marked, and are safe and well - patrolled. Don’t want to bring your equipment? Mechi Chal will take care of your rental needs. Another very interesting tourist attraction is the dogsled and also the slope for the Ski - Doos with 20 km length.

The communities of Chepelare and Pamporovo share a beautiful location, and almost everyone who visits one visits the other. But soon, they’ll share even more—a marvelous new ski center for the two resorts is about to be built. The project will also add two new ski runs, and replace the current lift from Chepelare to Mechi Chal with an even better four chair lift with a capacity of 2 000 people per hour. The lift is scheduled to be completed in time for the winter, 2008, ski season. There will also be a new lift from Chepelare to Pamporovo, new draggers, snow cannons, and for those rare times when nature doesn’t cooperate, snow machines.

Then, another new lift will link Pamporovo with the peak of Mechi Chal. These additions, plus the illumination of the “Stenata” ski run area in Pamporovo, will help make the Rhodoppi Mountains the world-wide favorite of winter sports enthusiasts. But always, there will be the serenity of the Chepelare town, with all the amenities, and just out of sight and sound of the crowds.

The complex is a modern settlement designed to complement the traditional Rhodopean architectural style but built according to the contemporary requirements and standards with the latest building technologies. The holiday village characterizes with its unique architectural design, well combined with the comfort and practicality of the Rhodopean house.

It is situated on 5, 4 decares, in the southwest part of the town of Chepelare. Differentiated as an independent living area with private streets, parking spaces, places for recreation etc. It consists of 20 self-contained houses each one with a spacious garden..

The houses are of a family type, solid-built and the construction is conformed to the climatic conditions of the region.

Meeting the needs of the customers, the houses come in two sizes – twelve are of 143, 37 square meters and eight are of 110, 41 square meters in size.

All houses are built over two floors and each one has a separate balcony and a garden. The larger houses have three bedrooms and the smaller ones have two. The houses are situated on a picturesque mountainside near a pine forest and very close to the station of the ski lift heading to Mechi Chal.

The proximity to the ski facilities and the position of the holiday village within the borders of the town makes it unique with its panoramic view and location.

Spatially, the houses are designed to match the shape of the relief and in this way every one of them fits to the general architectural look of the holiday village with a separate road access, differentiating the gardens as separate terrains surrounded with light wooden fence and leveled.

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