Village resort Rodopi Houses

The complex is a modern settlement designed to complement the traditional Rhodopean architectural style but built according to the contemporary requirements and standards with the latest building technologies. The holiday village characterizes with its unique architectural design, well combined with the comfort and practicality of the Rhodopean house.

It is situated on 5,4 decares, in the southwest part of the town of Chepelare. Differentiated as an independent living area with private streets, parking spaces, places for recreation etc. It consists of 20 self-contained houses each one with a spacious garden.

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FOLI trade center

"FOLI Center" is a modern trade and administrative complex. Its address is 12, Patriarch Evtimii Street, and is across Bulgaria Hotel. The complex is recognized by its highly technological design and functionality. The building is developed on five over-ground and one under-ground levels. The total built-up area is 2300 sq. m., 800 square meters of which are trade areas, 900 square meters are offices, and 500 square meters are an under-ground parking lot with 14 parking places.

The luxury trade center takes the ground and the first floor. It includes 17 boutiques with areas of 14 sq. m. up to 17 sq. m., and a cafe with 25 seats. The design of the trade complex is related to the central entrance. The two trade levels are incorporated by a common interior space where the escalators are installed. The second level is developed into a gallery.

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Cherni Vrah

"Cherni Vrah" administrative and living complex is situated at the beginning of the village of Dragalevtsi in Sofia City region at 500 meters distance from the ring road.

It is set up over a corner plot with a 100-meters face to the main road, and a local roadway is provided between the building and the main road, allowing cars to stop in front of the shop areas.

The project represents a modern a four-storey and two-level basement building, including shops, offices, flats, underground parking lot and storage areas for the shops.

The complex includes a sport centre designed as a separate building next to the main one. It includes open sport area, fitness and mini SPA centers.

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BULLDOZER Business Center

BULLDOZER business centre is to be one of the newly constructed buildings, forming new business complex in the trade region in Brezovsko Shose street in the town of Plovdiv. The location gives the building quick access from the centre of the town as well as from different regions of the country.

The business centre is situated over an area of 2500 sq. m., including 1275 sq. m. built-up area and the total built-up area is 8500 sq. m. The building is to be constructed on 11 levels – two under-ground and nine over-ground levels. The first under-ground level is a parking lot for 43 automobiles, and its area is 1920 sq. m. Storage areas are developed over 1420 sq. m. on the second under-ground level.

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Castle Foli

The Foli Castle is a preliminary design for a plot of 3600 sq. m. The total built-up area is approximately 6000 sq. m. and represents a hotel and a residential building, including apartments for sale.

The land price is 200 EURO per sq. m.

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Green West

The project is developed over 5000 sq. m. area, 3891 sq. m. of which are regulated land property and the rest, approximately 1100 sq.m. are estimated to be a parking lot in front of the complex.

The plot is situated in the west region of  Plovdiv city, which has the best ecological and climatic indices. The rowing base and lots of sports facilities are near the plot.

A project of three blocks of flats with under-ground parking lots is designed for the whole area, aiming to provide parking places for all flats and landscaping of green areas at zero level. Gardens, fountains, sport areas for basketball and table-tennis, alleys for walks and park benches are designed in the yard place. The access to the yard is controlled by video cameras, ensuring peace of the residents in the complex.

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Others Projects


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